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SFS 2014 T-SHIRTBellaflies Koozie

Strides for Strokes 2014 T-shirt $15 donation

Bellaflies Koozie $5 donation each

Bella Bows “Making a Positive” or “Bellafly” $10 donation

Bellaflies Car Decal $5 donation

Bellaflies Magnet $2 donation

Bellaflies T-Shirts $15 donation each

Bella Bands $5 donation









Bellaflies Magnet

Car Decal









Bellaflies T-shirt BackBellaflies T-shirt FRONT







Bella Band Front

Bella Band Back

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About Janelle

Janelle is Bella's mommy. She made her a promise before she went to Heaven that she would make a positive in Bella's honor. Bellaflies is Bella's foundation. Her mommy and daddy just run it. The foundation is her way keeping her promise, and letting Bella know that she will never give up on her.

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