Bella’s Blessing Baskets collecting NOW

It’s that time of year again. We are now collecting for Bella’s Blessing Baskets! We collect NEW items every year to donate to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

While Bella was in the hospital her family received an amazing amount of support from family, friends, and well-wishing strangers. Some of those things were in the form of snacks, drinks, toiletries, books, gift cards, gifts for Bella, etc. Whatever they did not use they made a make shift “Bella’s Blessing Basket” for the other families who were in the PICU with them. Every time they put something out it was immediately taken and used.

 Some families go to ACH (like Bella’s) without warning and with nothing, some come in the middle of the night, and some simply cannot afford the extras that it takes to stay in the hospital with your child. We are collecting the listed items to donate to those families in need that are fighting right along with their child. Please make sure all items are NEW, and preferably travel size.
                           SNACKS                             MISCELLANEOUS
Shampoo                                                  Granola Bars                       Shower Shoes
Face Wash                                                Chips                                  Slippers
Conditioner                                               Crackers                              Brush
Face Lotion                                               Cookies                               Comb
Body Wash                                               Protein Bars                         Giftcards
Body Lotion                                              Breakfast Bars                      Pens
Hand Lotion                                              Pastries                                Paper
Deodorant                                                 Hot Chocolate packets        Pencils
Razors                                                       Instant Coffee packets         Games for siblings
Saving Cream                                            Individual Tea Bags              Books
Toothpaste                                                                                            Nail Clippers
Toothbrush                                                                                            Phone Chargers

Please mail items to:
The Bellaflies Foundation
PO Box 2135
Lowell, AR 72745

Bella’s Blessing Baskets#2

Beautiful Bellaflies

We are honored once again to be featured in Peekaboo Magazine in Northwest Arkansas. This is a FREE local family magazine that highlights events, charities, companies, families, and things to do in the community. They have been such a champion for Bellaflies and our mission of Making a Positive! They have helped us spread pediatric stroke awareness, and that will help save lives. Thank you Peekaboo!!

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