Strides for Strokes 2014: University of California, San Francisco

Here is the wonderful UCSF Pediatric Stroke Research team!! They are the team that is working on the research study Understanding Early Childhood Arterial Ischemic Stroke and are the benefactors of our Strides for Strokes 2014 pediatric stroke research donation!

They are currently analyzing the data and we are so anxious to hear the results! Bellaflies is thrilled to be able to support such important research for the pediatric stroke community, and we look forward to being able to donate again next year! IMG_4307

Left to Right: : Katherine Sear, Dr. Christine Fox, Dr. Heather Fullerton, Dr. Nancy Hills, Brittany Sprigg and Maria Kuchherzki

Thank you UCSF Pediatric Stroke Research Team for ALL of your hard work and dedication to our children!!

SAVE your FREE toiletries!

Bella’s grandma had a brilliant idea for all of you travelers!! If you bring your own toiletries SAVE the FREE ones the hotel gives you!!! When we travel we always take our own, but the ones that are provided are PERFECT size for the families at ACH!! We will save ours through out the year and then add them to Bella’s Blessing Baskets. We are working on a drop off location in NWA to keep a bucket going all year, but if you don’t live in NWA we have a solution for you too! Pick up a flat rate box and fill that up throughout the year until it’s full then send it to Bellaflies. Anyone who you travel with ask them to join you, in fact, you can have a bucket at work that employees put all of their toiletries in that we can add to our ACH donation! Please remember that these items MUST be new, unopened because of the risk of contamination since they are going to a hospital. These families already have enough to worry about. Let’s try and help them out by taking care of their basic necessities. Please pass it on and tell anyone who travels. I know that ACH needs ALL of the items listed and we can’t wait to make a BIG dent in that need in honor of our sweet Bella Boo!!


#WorldStrokeDay Wednesday, October 29th

The Bellaflies Foundation is proud to take part in #WorldStrokeDay! We are committed to spreading pediatric stroke awareness, and hope that you will join us too!!

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