Thank you for supporting Strides for Strokes 2016!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 6.00.49 PMWe are ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to announce that Strides for Strokes 2016 has been our most successful year to date!! We are able to donate $9,000 to pediatric stroke research and education!!! The donations were still rolling in yesterday, so we wanted to make sure that everything was counted. THANK YOU to everyone who signed up, showed up, and committed to Making a Positive with us near and far!!!

Mark you calendars Strides for Strokes 2017 will take place on Friday, May 12th, 2017!!!

***We have a couple SFS 2016 T-shirts available in Youth S (2), Youth M (2), & Youth L(2), and Adult S (2) & Adult M (1). If you would like one please contact***

Bellaflies Auction Items

Here is a list of our Strides for Strokes 2016 Auction items! The list continues to grow. We will have debit/credit card readers at the event, but cash is preferred for speed and ease of transaction.


Auction Items

Cardinals Tickets-2 reserved seats

Spa Botanica- 60 minute Swedish Massage

Hog Yardzee

RTIC Tumbler with Hog Decal

Does Eat Place

Bariola’s PIzza- Free pizza

Fast Lanes Family Fun Pack

Academy- $50 gift card(s)

Lewis & Clark- Climbing Party

Tulsa Zoo- Tickets for 6 people

Junk Brands- gift basket

Rodan + Fields-gift basket

Maude Boutique-$100 gift card

31 Company- Utility Tote

Painting with a Twist- gift card

High Rise VIP Passes

District Salon

Sola Salon

Jump! Zone- 10 Kid Party Pack

Golden Coral- Meal Tickets

Jack Links- gift basket

Happy Baby- gift basket

Valere Rene Travel Trio

Valere Rene Bag

Street Dogs Food Truck

Casey’s Gas Station- $100

Pennington’s Cutting Boards

Piggy Paint- gift basket

Custom Baby Boy Quilt

Custom Baby Girl Quilt

Freckle’s and Sunshine- gift basket

Disney Bows

Dance Bows

Holiday Bows


World Stroke Day- United 4 Pediatric Stroke

World Stroke Day- United 4 Pediatric Stroke

In honor of World Stroke Day 2015, pediatric stroke advocacy organizations worldwide have joined together to create a campaign dedicated to supporting pediatric stroke awareness across the globe! Join us in making this campaign a success by sharing this information. The website is Once on the Home page you will find three initiatives to take part in. You can BE VISIBLE by sharing your pediatric stroke story on the world map. You can BE HEARD by sharing the graphic on your social media sites. We have the graphic available in many languages making it a truly global initiative. You can UNITE FOR CHANGE by sharing any or all of the resources we have listed on the page. Let’s do this together and honor the children who have been impacted by stroke for World Stroke Day!

Here are the details:


If you have a pediatric stroke story to share put it on the World Map! Simply go to the BE VISIBLE page, share your child’s name, age at time of stroke, location in the world, brief story and a picture! If you are now an adult, but had a stroke at age 18 or younger, we want you to add your story as well. Let’s turn the world map purple!


Do you realize the impact that can be made if each person that were to take part in this campaign, shared on social media? We have made it easy for you to raise awareness with just a few clicks. Go to the BE HEARD page, select the graphic in your language and share it on any or all of the social media sites. Let your voice be HEARD for pediatric stroke. Use #united4pedstroke and share the website for the greatest impact!


In honor of 2015 World Stroke Day, we want to ensure that the awareness and education grows for pediatric stroke. Whether you are a healthcare provider, an impacted family or someone just learning of the possibility of stroke among children, we encourage you to increase your knowledge of pediatric stroke. Go to the UNITE FOR CHANGE page and check out the resources for pediatric stroke. Please share any of these with your friends and family to educate them that strokes can happen to children, babies, teens, and even before birth. We can do so much more when we UNITE for CHANGE! Use #united4pedstroke and share the website for the greatest impact!

Please make sure you share this information. We are United for Change for Pediatric Stroke! Thank you for your help in ensuring this global campaign is a success!