UCSF pediatric stroke research team Strides for Strokes 2015 recipient


University of California, San Francisco pediatric stroke research team
From left to right, it is Maria Kuccherzki (project manager), Nancy Hills, PhD (biostatistician), Heather Fullerton, M.D (pediatric stroke neurologist) , and Christine Fox, M.D (pediatric stroke neurologist and investigator)

We are proud to announce this years proceeds recipient of Strides for Strokes 2015. The pediatric stroke research team at UCSF will be using the funds to analyze the data they have collected in the vascular effects of infection in Pediatric Stroke (VIPS) Study. They will be looking at recurrent strokes in children, and also at how the children are affected by the stroke—their neurological impairment and how it is affecting their quality of life.

Bellaflies “gift will be extremely helpful…to work on these analyses,” wrote Dr. Fullerton, “it will help us cross the finish line for the secondary analyses we want to do!”

We cannot wait to hear the results of these analyses and are happy that Bella’s foundation is Making a Positive in such a life changing way!






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