Happy 6th Birthday Bella!!

Making a Positive CardsWe were SO excited to celebrate Bella’s 6th Birthday TODAY by Making a Positive!!

Not only did we receive the donation picture from Arkansas Children’s Hospital today to post, but we were able to make a positive in other ways too.

We attached coupons to items in the supermarket with Making a Positive cards behind them, we surprised neighbors with a balloon and Making a Positive cards attached to them, we gave a large tip to our server with a Making a Positive card enclosed, and much more!

Our hope is that each person who received a Making a Positive card today will pay it forward. The goal for today was simple: honor Bella by spreading kindness. Thank you to everyone who participated in Making a Positive with us today!! Please send us an e-mail, post on our FB page, tweet, or instagram us how you made a positive today with a picture attached. We’d love to feature YOU and how you were Making a Positive today!

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About Janelle

Janelle is Bella's mommy. She made her a promise before she went to Heaven that she would make a positive in Bella's honor. Bellaflies is Bella's foundation. Her mommy and daddy just run it. The foundation is her way keeping her promise, and letting Bella know that she will never give up on her.

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