Brendon’s Smile Pediatrics Stroke Lecture Series at Washington Univeristy School of Medicine is a Strides for Strokes 2014 funding recipient

Brendon's Smile PhotoWe are thrilled to be able to support such a wonderful lecture series put on by The Brendon’s Smile Foundation! The proceeds from Bellafies Strides for Strokes 2014 with be split between two categories: research and education. We have chosen Brendon’s Smile as our education funds recipient from Strides for Strokes 2014.

We were able to attend the 5th annual Brendon’s Smile lecture series at Washington University on March 7, 2014. After listening to Dr. Heather Fullerton speak and seeing the turnout of physicians who came we knew that we had to support this informative lecture series. The goal of this series is to inform and educate physicians about pediatric strokes.

Bella’s pediatric strokes were missed at the first hospital that she was taken to. The radiologist completely misread her CT scan. He did not note her massive brain swelling, or pediatric strokes. That negligence lead to her not receiving the proper care for hours.  That is why we are passionate about pediatric stroke education and awareness, and why we believe strongly in this lecture series.

Brendon’s Smile is a not for profit organization whose core purpose is to raise awareness for Pediatric Stroke, to inform readers of the signs/symptoms of stroke in infants and children, to educate medical professionals who treat children, to educate caregivers about advocating for child SURVIVORS of stroke, and to share resources which support those children who endure a stroke or strokes.{}

We want to thank Brendon’s Smile for continuing to educate medical professionals about pediatric strokes. Bellaflies is happy to support such an important lecture series!


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