$10,000 Donation to Arkansas Children’s Hospital

ACH Donation 2014The Bellaflies Foundation is proud to announce that we made a $10,000 donation to Arkansas Children’s Hospital!!

We are thrilled to be able to be able to fund part of a central nervous system (CNS) infection protocol! This protocol is headed up by Dr. Romero and his team. They have developed what is essentially a check list for physicians to go through when they see a child presenting with a CNS infection. The protocol with have 3 key parts. The first one, if your child does indeed have a CNS infection they will be fast tracked and receive the proper care at a faster rate, which will hopefully lessen the severity of the infection. The second part is if your child does have a CNS infection, but the physicians do not feel that he/she needs to be hospitalized you will be released with a packet. That packet with have warning signs for you to look out for, and a phone number for you to call 24/7 if symptoms get worse or if you feel your child needs to be hospitalized they will be admitted immediately. The third and last part is if your child does not have a CNS infection you will be spend less time in the hospital or doctors office waiting around and possibly catching other things. It would also make the cost of care less for parents whose children do not have a CNS infection because they will not stay in the hospital unnecessarily.

The CNS infection protocol is a 2 year in-house study that is currently being implemented at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. After the two-year trial, the protocol could go nationwide and save many lives! We are anxious to hear the results of the trial and excited for the prospects!!

This protocol is something that Bella would have benefited from. Not was her CT scan read incorrectly at the first hospital, but her and her family were made to wait hours when they should have been receiving proper care. That is unacceptable to us and we want to change that.

Everyone who supported The Bellaflies Foundation and Strides for Strokes 2013 is a part of this. This is how your support is Making a Positive! YOU are saving lives! Thank you!!

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