Our Bellafly this month is Bella Paquette. She is the reason that Bellaflies exists. Her story was featured in Peekaboo Magazine in Northwest Arkansas.

Bella and her brother will always be my whole world. There is no one on this earth who has made me want to be better like she has. Her kindness is something that I strive to achieve, her strength is something that I admire, and her love is something that I will always cherish. My daughter, my angel, my hero, my Bella, my best girl.Forever.

-Bella’s mommy

Read Bella’s Story


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About Janelle

Janelle is Bella's mommy. She made her a promise before she went to Heaven that she would make a positive in Bella's honor. Bellaflies is Bella's foundation. Her mommy and daddy just run it. The foundation is her way keeping her promise, and letting Bella know that she will never give up on her.

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